Israel and U.S. sign partnership on advanced technology

Joint document Lapid and Biden, who arrives in Israel

13 July, 14:09

    (ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV, JULY 13 - Israel and the US have started a "strategic partnership" in the field of advanced technologies that will lead the Jewish State "shoulder to shoulder" with its main ally, America, according to an announcement made in a joint statement by US President Joe Biden - who arrived in Israel on Wednesday - and by Israeli Premier Yair Lapid.

    The partnership - led by the respective national security advisors - concerns strategic technologies like artificial intelligence, quantum and solutions to global challenges like climate change, the improvement of strategies to deal with pandemics and the innovation of ecosystems. Everything will be conducted in agreement with national interests, democratic principles and human rights, according to the agreement signed by the two leaders.(ANSAmed).

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