Oman announces construction of space research center

Space Settlement Center open to international scientists

16 September, 15:40

    (ANSAmed) - NAPLES, SEPTEMBER 16 - Oman has approved a program for the construction of a research center for the simulation of space missions and scientific experiments. The country, The National newspaper reports, unveiled the project on Tuesday, showing the rendering of the futuristic type of habitat, called Space Settlement Center, which will be built in the Artificial Intelligence Zone in Duqm District, over an area of 20,000 square meters.

    Bahiya Al Shuaibi, founder of the Oman Global Space and Technology Company, has said the center will help scientists carry out their research programs. "The project aims to simulate a space environment to study the behavior of astronauts before joining the actual astronaut flights", she was quoted as saying.

    . "It will serve scientists, researchers and those interested in doing experiments in the space sector, artificial intelligence and advanced technology", she said. The new center will also be involved in training programs with international institutions.

    The United Arab Emirates also announced plans to build a similar structure, called the Mars Science City in 2017.

    However, progress slowed down to ensure land was secure and should start at the end of this year. The actual birth of two research centers in Oman and the UAE will bring the Middle East among international countries that will attract scientists taking part in future programs. (ANSAmed).

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