Spumante exports up 20%, Coldiretti says

Research presented at farmers' association pavilion at Expo

26 August, 16:26

    (ANSA) - PALERMO, AUGUST 26 - Italian spumante exports are at a record high, up 20% in the first five months of 2015, according to farmers' association Coldiretti.

    Coldiretti President Roberto Moncalvo presented the analysis, based on research data from national statistics bureau ISTAT, at the association's Expo pavilion "No Farmers, No Party".

    According to the data, the most popular type of spumante is Prosecco, followed by Asti and Franciacorta.

    "Never before has so much Italian sparkling wine been consumed abroad," Coldiretti said.

    The data showed that the top two spumante importers are the United States (up 49%) and the United Kingdom (up 55%).

    Last year Italian spumante exports surpassed those of French champagne, with 320 million bottles for the former against 307 million bottles for the latter.

    The sparkling wine boom is helping to support the entire wine sector, and the harvest just now starting is the second-earliest since World War II, with a result that looks optimal in both quality and quantity, thanks to a favorable climate that this year produced 44 million hectolitres.

    "In Italy wine and spumante generate nearly 9.5 billion in sales, with 1.25 million people in various positions involved," Moncalvo said.

    "They are the true 'Made in Italy' calling card, and this is the sector that has benefited the most from the carryover effect of Expo". (ANSA).

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