London 2012: Israel fears an Iranian act of terrorism

Mossad is hunting suspects, tensions on Munich's commemoration

23 July, 18:18

    (ANSAmed) - Rome, 24 July - His name is David Jefferson, he travels on a U.S.A. passport, and he has an incredibly potent explosive device.Fearing a repeat of the 1972 Munich disaster, in which 11 athletes lost their lives, israel has unleash Mossad on this suspect, Forty years later, terrorism returns to the Olimpics.

    Yesterday, the Sunday Times wrote: "the Israeli government fears an Iranian cell in Europe planning an attack on the anniversary of the 1972 Olimpics, against the 38 israeli athletes."We are on alert" Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed to the American CBS, without giving details on the "specific information we have on the Games", which are for authorized yes only.

    Fear of a Munich II is in the air, while the Olimpic Committee President Jacques Rogge, supported by American President Barack Obama refuses to commemorate the attack of the 1972 doing the Opening Cerimonies, or on the sites of the Olimpics. If the Olimpic Committee doesn't do it, both Israel and Scotland yard fear terrorists might commemorate that bloodbath , when the Black September Palestinians climbed the walls of the Olimpic Village kidnapping the Israeli athletes, and requesting the release of 234 prisoners from Israeli jails. This time, a steel ring has been set up around the Olimpic park, and in the centre bunkers have been organized, so that V.I.P.'s can be locked in for their own safety in the event of an attack.

    Current estimates place 50.000 spectators at the Games, of which 140 heads of state, 200 ministers, 100 members of royal families, and 150 members of the International Olympic Committee.

    The fear is greatest for Israel, however it is not limited to Israel. M15 e Scotland Yard have increased security for the Israeli delegation, while the Israeli secret service agents of Shir Bet have been sent to protect the team that arrived 12 days ago to the Olimpic Village. After the suicide attack on a bus of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria fears have increased in Israel. According to the Sunday Times, Netanyahu has sent a Mossad call to Europe. The purpose of the operation, code name Bayonnet, is to find a nucleus of caucasians converted to Islam who are working with iranian Quds and Hezbollah. (ANSAmde9:
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