Jordan: tourism loses USD1 billion after Arab spring

The government is working on tourism projects in key areas

27 February, 12:05

    The Nabataean Urn Tomb in Petra, Jordan The Nabataean Urn Tomb in Petra, Jordan

    (ANSAmed) - AMMAN - Political turmoil hitting the region cost Jordan's ailing tourism sector a staggering one billion US dollars in lost revenues, a senior official said today.

    One year into the first spark of the Arab spring, Jordan stands amongst the countries to have suffered from lack of interest among European and other western tourists.

    Speaking during a visit to the rock engraved cit of Petra, Tourism minister Nayyef al Fayyes said the government is working on reducing impact of lack of travellers on tourism projects in key areas.

    Losses come from cancelled bookings and lack of passengers flow from nearby airports.

    Jordan offers some of the most exciting destinations on planet with the rosy city of Petra and the Dead Sea standing at the heart of its attractive venues.

    The royal Jordanian has recently decided to stop flying to a number of European and regional destinations due to lack of demand on these routs.

    It will also retire some of its fleet as part of cost reduction plan to trim mounting losses.

    Jordan had its fair share of protests ever since the waive of the Arab spring started blowing a year ago with activists calling for an all out war on corruption and constitutional amendments to stop nepotism and favouritism.(ANSAmed).

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