MSC Cruises back to Tunisian port after 7 years' absence

968 tourists onboard, headed for Palermo

29 April, 17:57

    TUNIS - After an absence of seven years, a ship from MSC Cruises has returned to Tunis.
    Coming from Barcelona and headed for Palermo, MSC Opera arrived on Thursday in the Goulette port with 968 tourists onboard, Tunisia's tourism and crafts minister said.
    Welcoming the cruise ship passengers were several institutional representatives that held a ceremony with the exchange of souvenirs to mark the occasion.
    A large group of tourists then visited Tunisian archaeological sites.
    The tourism ministry announced the arrival of 38 cruise ships in Tunisia in 2022 - a number that is highly likely to increase in the coming years.
    Tunisia aims to achieve between 50 and 60% of the revenue it did in the tourism sector in 2019, a benchmark year for the country that saw a revolution in 2011, with over 9 million tourists and revenue equal to 14% of its GDP.

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