13 mn Italians travelling over June 2 long weekend -hoteliers

87.4% in Italy, beaches (44.5%) followed by art cities (21.3%)

27 May, 18:32

    ROME - Some 13 million Italians will be travelling over the June 2 Republic Day long weekend, hoteliers group Federalberghi said Friday.

    Many Italians have taken Monday off so they can have a four-day break including the holiday on Tuesday.

    Some 87.4% of travellers will stay in Italy, Federalberghi said.

    The majority will go seaside destinations (44.5%), followed by art cities (21.3%) and the mountains (8.8%).

    The 12.6% going abroad will mostly choose major European capitals and cruises, Federalberghi said.

    Retail group Confcommercio confirmed the figures saying that nine million Italians had already booked their trips and a further 4.3 million may leave at the last minute.

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