Mideast, North Africa ports most efficient worldwide

First Saudi King Abdullah Saudita, sixth Tangiers of Morocco

30 September, 16:40

    A view of the King Abdullah Port in Saudi Arabia A view of the King Abdullah Port in Saudi Arabia

    NAPLES - Four out of five ports with the best performance in transporting goods are in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) area, comprising the Mediterranean and the Red Sea joined by the Suez Canal. This is one of the figures that emerged on Thursday on World Maritime Day, which the UN has celebrated each year on September 29, since 1978. "New technologies for green maritime transportation" was the theme this year launched by the UN through its International Maritime Agency (IMO), which analyzed in particular new goals of sustainability of ports for large commercial vessels and observed with attention the progress of new objectives for the health of the sea hosting 80% of the transportation of products worldwide: sustainable ships, sustainable development of the whole sector, new technologies and efficiency of used energy, innovation for ships and ports.

    "The maritime sector must accelerate its voyage towards decarbonization", said UN Secretary General António Guterres, as reported by The Medialine, a US website on North Africa and the Middle East. "Without concerted actions - he warned - the emissions of vessels are expected to increase by 250% in 2050 when compared to 2008 levels. The governments and private companies must work together to guide the development of innovative technologies and the transition towards alternative fuel".

    These are fundamental objectives for the MENA area, as explained by the world ranking of the Container Port Performance Index (CPPI) which placed first in the world the King Abdullah Port in Saudi Arabia. The ranking also listed the Port Salalah of Oman, the Hamad Port of Qatar and Khalifa Port of Abu Dhabi among the top five. The eighth position went to the Jeddah Islamic Port, preceded however by the Moroccan port Tanger-Med, sixth in the world and first in the Mediterranean Sea. The ranking is based on the time spent in a port by vessels in 2021 to unload and load goods, a parameter that indicates a port's efficiency. The King Abdullah Port, for example, has reached an average of 97 containers that move every hour from the anchored ships. A huge figure compared to the maximum of 25 containers in movement each hour in the ports of North America.

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