ANSAmed is ANSA's news network devoted to the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf region.

Ansamed is media partner of the European Commission (EuropeAid).

Ansamed distributes the news of social, cultural and economic cooperation projects with the countries on the southern side of the Mediterranean in the framework of ENPI Programme (European Neighbourhood Policy Instrument).

Its mission is, on one hand, to provide information about the current affairs of the countries of this area and, on the other, to distribute news about Italy to this geographically strategic zone.

ANSAmed's aim is to:

  • Create a platform of dialogue for Italian government institutions and the institutions of the Mediterranean, Gulf and Middle East area;
  • Facilitate exchanges and partnership opportunities at the regional level;
  • Promote Italian initiatives in the industrial, economic and cultural sectors, including private-sector ones;
  • Shine the spotlight on the activities of Mediterranean and Arab institutions, embassies and communities in Italy and other parts of Europe.

ANSAmed's output is made up of around 200 news items and features a day in English, Italian and Arabic, distributed by the major news agencies of the Mediterranean and Gulf region, as well as the top media outlets and web portals of the Arab world.

For more information about ANSAmed's news coverage, contact: