Israeli ambassador tells Italy, 'don't treat us like Hamas'

Eydar says 'for talks, Palestinians have to recognise us'

26 ottobre, 15:45

(ANSAmed) - ROME, OCT 26 - Israeli Ambassador to Italy Dror Eydar, in a forum at ANSA, said Italy's abstention from the UN resolutions against Israel "was the most painful for us" because "for us it means treating Israel and Hamas in a similar way".

"Italy is a great friend; Israelis prefer Italy among all European countries," Eydar said.

"The Israelis are still today inviting the Palestinians to the negotiating table, but the Oslo Accords are based on the concept that there are two national movements, and while we have recognised theirs, still today they don't recognise our legitimacy," Eydar said.

"In any case, Israel must live with the Palestinians. We give them jobs, technology, health and security, because we protect ourselves from terrorist actions and so we protect them too," he said.

Eydar then evoked the Abraham Accords.

"The moderate Arab countries understood what Europe has not understood, that their future could not remain in the hands of the Palestinians," Eydar said.

He said this is because those countries have "seen the errors of the Palestinians" and that policies adopted in the past to support them "were against their interests".

"They decided not to wait any longer, and from this came the Abraham Accords, a historic turning point," he said.

The ambassador also expressed concern about the Iranian nuclear program.

"The thought that Iranians can respect a piece of paper signed with Westerners" such as the 2015 nuclear agreement (JCPOA) "is a sad joke, and a sign of Westerners' blindness," he said.(ANSAmed).

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