Le Monde 'Mediterranean marine heating is a threat'

A disastrous situation, 'gigantic underwater fires'

29 luglio, 15:07

(ANSAmed) - PARIS, 29 LUG - "The marine heating of the Mediterranean is a danger", this is the title on the first page of the French daily Le Monde, highlighting that at this point 'in the past 60 days the sea has shown significant temperature anomalies', off the coasts of France, Spain and Italy". Le Monde adds that "a 6.5 degree shift compared to usual seasonal temperatures was registered in Marseille, with sea temperatures in Bastia reaching 30 C", in Corsica.

"This occurrence, of unusual intensity and length, can be comparable to enormous underwater fires, and it puts local complex ecosystems in danger. The prairies of the underwater plants called Posidonia Oceanica (or Neptune grass) capture CO2 emissions of the Mediterranean basin, and they now they have come under threat. Researchers forecast a high mortality of flora and fauna and have alerted against the ecological disaster currently underway". According to researcher Ronan Mcadam, cited by the newspaper, "the event currently taking place is among the ten most exceptional ones of the last years". (ANSAmed).

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