Energy: Lughi, switch from fossil to renewable is inevitable

'We could waste all our savings in a few minutes'

Redazione ANSA

A switch from fossil fuels to renewable energies "will be possible and indeed we will have to do it because we will have to avoid consuming the energy accumulated over millions of years in terms of carbon - which has a solar origin - or gas, in a few hundred years: it'd be like we were wasting the savings of a lifetime in a few minutes" Vanni Lughi, professor of Materials Science and Technology, told ANSA.

"What the sun gives us today is much more than what we need", he added. "Just one minute of solar irradiation on earth accounts for all the energy that humanity needs in a whole year. Therefore, it is not a matter of availability, but of how to use this energy, how to collect and preserve it. And the technologies to work it out are available". For example, "photovoltaics and windmills - he underlined - are growing at an exponential rate. In particular, the construction of solar photovoltaics is doubling every two years. These technologies that are becoming more and more available and that are becoming more and more economical are the ones that will allow us to replace fossil fuels".

Automotive production is now focusing on the electric power supply, claiming that it is less polluting than traditional fuels, but we wonder if producing electricity does not involve environmental pollution. "It is important to take this step in conjunction with the use of renewable energy to supply electricity; this is essential". If this did not happen, "electric mobility would not be sustainable. But a change is possible and the process is already underway".