Expo Dubai: Puglia banking on innovation says Emiliano

We'll build partnership s with universities straight away

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 21 - The southern Italian region of Puglia is banking on innovation, Governor Michele Emiliano told the concluding session of the Innovation Talk conference at the Italian Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020.
    "I thank (Italy Pavilion Commissioner) Paolo Glisenti who asked us to take part in Expo 2020 and involved all Italian regions in a common effort, because it is true that Italy has regional autonomies but it is a single entity and when it projects itself outside its borders it presents itself as a single, stupendous reality", said the centre-left Democratic Patry (PD) official.
    Emiliano thanked Italian ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Nicola Lener "for the assistance which the Puglia Region always receives in every part of the world where we go", as well as Glisenti. The Innovation Talk on the theme of 'Creating the Future: Trends for Tomorrow's Manufacturing' wound up the Puglia region's mission during Expo Dubai's Space Week.
    "Puglia," said Emiliano, "has been banking on innovation for many years, the only way to close the gap with the most advanced regions of Italy and Europe. We have used above all relations with universities and so we will immediately build useful conditions for collaboration with them. We have a programme of helping investments in Puglia, permanently open, which enables the use of European funds and to connect them with private money without time limits. Every person, every company that has a good idea can start working with us immediately." In the last 10 years, the governor said, some 670 start-ups have gotten off the ground in Puglia and produced good results. (ANSA).


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