Saving lives at sea condition for peace says Mattarella

Navy has made 'precious' contribution during pandemic says pres

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 10 - Saving lives at sea is a condition for peace, President Sergio Mattarella told navy top brass on the Italian navy's anniversary Thursday.
    "Guaranteeing freedom of navigation, safeguarding human life at sea, and the security of coasts, constitute an essential framework for the development of international relations and are conditions for maintaining peace among peoples," he said in a message to the navy chiefs of staff.
    Mattarella added that the support of the navy during the COVID pandemic had been "precious".
    He said "in these difficult months of pandemic the support supplied by the Navy for the national health system has been precious, and has contributed in a significant way, together with its sister armed forces, to address the grave health emergency," he said.
    Mattarella also recalled Giacomo Matteotti as an example of how to "take care of the Republic" on the 97th anniversary of the Socialist Senator's murder by Fascist thugs.
    Mattarella made his comments in a message to Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone on Nay Day. (ANSA).


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