Centre-left ahead in Rome, Turin runoffs - exit polls

Neck-and-neck in Turin

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 18 - Centre-left mayoral candidate Roberto Gualtieri is ahead of centre-right rival Enrico Michetti in the runoff to be Rome's new mayor, by 59-63% to 37-41%, according to an Opinio-Rai exit poll.
    The centre left's Stefano Lo Russo was also ahead of centre-right rival Paolo Damilano in the Turin runoff, by 56-60% to 40-44%, according to an Opinio-Rai exit poll.
    Centre-right candidate Roberto Dipiazza and the centre left's Francesco Russo are neck-and-neck in the runoff vote to be Trieste's new mayor, according to an Opinio Italia exit poll.
    The poll put both candidates on 48-52% of the vote. (ANSA).


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