NATO strongest alliance in history says Draghi

Alliance must have ample spectrum, focus on Med says Italy PM

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 14 - NATO is the strongest alliance in history, Premier Mario Draghi told Monday's NATO summit in Brussels.
    "Security conditions are still in rapid evolution. However, one thing remains the same: the centrality of the most powerful and winning Alliance in history", said the former European central banker.
    "While we try to turn the page after one of the most serious health, economic and financial crises in contemporary history, we recognise that security is a necessary premise to preserve and strengthen our democracies and our economic and social systems." Draghi said it was "essential that NATO should address the transatlantic community".
    Draghi added that NATO should have an ample spectrum and should focus on the Mediterranean.
    He also reaffirmed Italy's commitment to NATO spending and its contribution to missions.
    Draghi said on arrival at the NATO summit in Brussels Monday "this summit is a continuation of the G7, it is part of the process of reconstruction and the reaffirmation of the US's fundamental alliances which had been weakened by the previous administration".
    US President Joe Biden has vowed to reaffirm the United States' commitment to a military alliance his predecessor Donald Trump viewed with disdain.
    Draghi remarked to reporters that Biden's first visit abroad has been to Europe, first to the G7 in the UK and now the NATO summit, recalling that Trump's first official visit had been to Saudi Arabia.
    Biden said on his arrival: "We have new challenges: Russia and China".
    The US president tweeted: "NATO is stronger than ever", and also cited the need to ward off cyber attacks.
    The conclusions of the summit said China represents a "systemic challenge". (ANSA).


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