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Kosovo, Islamic extremists arrested in Decani monastery

Four men. Weapons and ammunition found in their car

01 February, 11:08
(ANSA) - PRISTINA - Four armed Islamic extremists were arrested in front of the main entrance of the monastery of Visoki Decani in Kosovo. Media reported that these men are four Albanians from some towns in Kosovo. The arrest took place during a joint operation conducted by the Kosovo police and the KFOR, the Nato forces in Kosovo. A Kalashnikov rifle, a handgun and large quantities of ammunition, as well as some books books on Islamic radicalism were found in the extremists' car. The abbot of Visoki Decani Sava Janjic said this arrest is further proof ''that the presence of KFOR troops is still essential to the safety of the monastery'', which is included in the list of Unesco world heritage sites. The director of the Serbian government's Office for Kosovo Marko Duric has expressed great concern, calling on the authorities in Pristina to counter the growing religious extremism in Kosovo, rather than sparking row and delaying, at all costs, the establishment of the Association-Community of Serb majority municipalities in Kosovo. (ANSA).

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