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Jagoda Buic, if you follow mainstream you might not exist

First exhibition in Trieste dedicated to Croatian artist

18 October, 19:33
(ANSA) - TRIESTE - "When I was swimming, I was doing it upstream", and on the other hand "if you follow the mainstream, you might as well not exist". These words attributed to Jagoda Buic, from Split, are written on the entrance door of her exhibition, the first organized in Trieste, and immediately show her character.

And this is confirmed by the art critic and historian Luciano Caramel, who points out that in the work exhibited in the retrospective "Theatrum Mundi" at the Civic Museum Revoltella "the past lives in the present, it is no longer sacred, it is no longer a museum". In this exhibition it is possible to admire works that describe the whole artist's experience: sheets of paper and cardboard from which geometrical figures protrude, or models for theatrical plays, or even tissues, those that have ispired Caramel's description of Buic as a "pioneer and leader of textil art". From the fabric - raw or bright red or black or electric blue - knots, waves and bends arise, evoking the sea.

"A sort of music binds all these works together", says the writer and essayist Predrag Matvejevic.

Buic's exhibition in Trieste follows, ten years later, the show of another Croatian artist, Edo Murtic, and makes critics and institutions say that "this event confirms that the city is a capital of culture", and that its relationship with the Balkans "is achieved through culture rather than through economy or trade". (ANSA).

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