Expo Dubai: Avio awards Vega carrier to Kenya, Malaysia

Speaking of Space means dealing with Earth problems

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 19 - Italian aerospace launcher company Avio has placed at the disposal of Malaysia and the university of Nairobi in Kenya its Vega C rocket carrier as part of the Expo Dubai 2020's Space Week.
    The event organized by Avio at the Italian Pavilion stresses that speaking of space means dealing with the the Earth's problems.
    More is spoken of cooperation than of competition in the conquest of space.
    Avio gave Nairobi University and Malaysia a Vega C launch together with UNOOSA, the United Nations agency for space affairs, choosing them because they linked their space projects to a message of peace "Speaking of space.means dealing with our country and in order to take care of our country we must cooperate," said Avio CEO Giulio Ranzo, who backed the project proposed by UNOOSA Director Simonetta di Pippo to broaden access to space.
    Europeab Space Agency astronaut Luca Parmitano took part in the event saying that the conquest of space brings benefits to our planet, because it collects data and information that can then be used for treating nerve diseases on Earth.
    Parmitano added: "technology has many faces, and it is up to us to generate technology that is sustainable, realising first of all where we are in order to understand what elements are sustainable".
    But in the last 60 years the conquest of space has left its mark, and a mass of space detritus risks causing accidents.
    A lecturer at the Politecnico di Milano, Michelle Lavagna, raised the problem and also proposed solutions to the congested traffic around the global orbit, with its high risk of space accidents, in a well-received address at the Pavilion. (ANSA).


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