Olympics:Italian medal winners give flags back to Mattarella

Teams led by flag bearers Viviani, Rossi, Vio and Morlacchi

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 23 - Italy's Olympic and Paralympic medallists on Thursday went to the Quirinal Palace to hand back their flags to President Sergio Mattarella after a golden summer of sport.
    The contingent was led by flag bearers Elia Viviani and Jessica Rossi, and Bebe Vio and Federico Morlacchi.
    They arrived at the presidential palace on coaches emblazoned with the words 'ItaliaTeam - Stupor Mundi' for the Olympians and '69 Times Italy, a Paralympics that is already in history' for the Paralympians.
    Fans and passersby gave them a long round of applause.
    Among the stars of the teams were double gold medal sprinter Marcel Jacobs and high jump winner Gianmarco Tamberi, as well as Vio, who got another gold and silver.
    Italy's glorious summer included the Azzurri soccer team's victory in Euro 2020, beating England on penalties at Wembley.


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