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    • 17:56
    • 28 Jul

    Climate change: Ee study, southern Italy at greater risk

    Along with Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland
    • 11:08
    • 27 Jul

    Poland: 30th Economic Forum in Karpacz from 7 at 9 september

    40 Italian guests among the 3.000 invited for Davos of the East
    • 16:41
    • 20 Jul

    Brussels slams Hungary and Poland in rule of law report

    Calls mount to withhold funds over rule of law breaches
    • 16:08
    • 19 Jul

    Ukraine launches army drills with US, Poland, Lithuania

    Amid ongoing tensions between Kiev and Moscow
    • 13:54
    • 15 Jul

    EU, legal action against Hungary, Poland over LGBTQ rights

    Measures seen as discriminating against LGBTQ citizens
    • 11:20
    • 15 Jul

    EU court,Polish judicial reform 'not compatible' with EU law

    "Poland has failed to fulfil its obligations"
    • 10:40
    • 15 Jul

    Polish court defies EU as critics warn on 'Polexit'

    Measures issued by EU Court not in line with Polish constitution
    • 15:08
    • 14 Jul

    LGBTI-free regions, Poland moves toward EU infringement

    Letter of formal notice, 'lack of sincere cooperation.'
    • 15:07
    • 03 Jul

    In Poland, ex-EU chief Tusk returns to opposition role

    "I am back 100 percent," Tusk told a party conference
    • 11:32
    • 29 Jun

    ECHR, removal Polish judges against right to access to court

    Judgement in the case of Broda and Bojara v. Poland