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    • 10:57
    • 14 Nov

    'This is a special G20': von der Leyen

    To address consequences of Russia's war on food and energy
    • 22:38
    • 13 Nov

    Lawyer Pirc Musar elected Slovenia's first woman president

    Linked to former US first lady Melania Trump
    • 19:57
    • 13 Nov

    Moldova: Shor, new protests against Government and President

    Referral to Constitution Court to declare Party unconstitutional
    • 09:12
    • 13 Nov

    Melania Trump lawyer tipped to become Slovenia's president

    She would be first woman. Natasa Pirc Musar against Anze Logar
    • 18:29
    • 12 Nov

    Mediterranean countries disappointed with migrant relocation

    Italy, Malta, Cyprus, and Greece
    • 17:20
    • 12 Nov

    Biden meets Meloni on November 15, focus on China, Ukraine

    Leaders to discuss cooperation on global challenges
    • 16:06
    • 12 Nov

    EU allowed Berlin to give aid to acquire German Gazprom

    Commission's yes to €225.6m scheme
    • 12:05
    • 12 Nov

    Ukraine foreign minister says 'war goes on' after Kherson

    Moscow pulled its forces out of the city
    • 10:18
    • 12 Nov

    Slovenia: Pirc Musar favourite at presidential run-off

    But a close result is predicted, turnout decisive
    • 15:01
    • 11 Nov

    Ukraine's troops enter Kherson: CNN

    Residents of city have also flooded the central square
    • 14:34
    • 11 Nov

    Mattarella calls for shared migrant choices with EU

    Amid a big spat between Italy and France
    • 12:54
    • 11 Nov

    Putin not attending G20 due to other commitments: Kremlin

    This was the head of state's decision: Peskov
    • 12:50
    • 11 Nov

    Russia hits energy infrastructure for undermining morale

    Consequences for interlinked water and heating systems
    • 09:57
    • 11 Nov

    Germany: inflation rate +10.4% in October

    Energy prices leading the increase
    • 16:09
    • 10 Nov

    If Russia blows up dam declaring war to world: Zelensky

    Fears for Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant
    • 14:34
    • 10 Nov

    Ukraine consul asks La Scala not to open with Russian opera

    Don't put on Boris Godunov to avert propaganda says official