Anna Lindh Marathon, debate on women as agents of dialogue

6th public dialogue on 23 June


An online debate titled "Fighting Gender Stereotypes: EuroMed Women for Dialogue" will focus on women as agents for the promotion of intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean area, in the 6th public dialogue of the Anna Lindh Foundation's (ALF) Virtual Marathon for Dialogue in the EuroMed region, which runs through 29 June.

The debate will take place June 23 from 3 pm to 7 pm on Zoom and Facebook Live.

Organisers said the event aims to "promote multiple and renewed images of women as agents for the promotion of intercultural dialogue in the region and to fight the prevalent stereotypes that hinder women's full participation and potential in their societies".

"It is designed as a space to explore, on the one hand, the work that women in the region do to fight cultural stereotypes, and on the other hand, the impact that existing gender stereotypes have on women's access to different areas of life".

"Even though significant, but uneven, progress has been made in the promotion of women's and girls' rights, no country in the world is on the right track for reaching gender equality and the emancipation of all women and girls by 2030 (EU Gender Action Plan III, 2021-2025)", ALF said.

ALF's most recent survey on intercultural trends "shows that, despite the fact that a large majority (80%) of people in southern and eastern Mediterranean (SEM) countries still believe that women should carry out a bigger role in the traditional behaviors on gender roles, a large majority of those interviewed in SEM countries and in Europe think that their societies could benefit from increased gender equality as a result of EuroMed cooperation".

ALF said it is committed to "integrating gender equality within its programmes as a prerequisite for balanced dialogue across the region".

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